Dunn Twiggar and PennCap Properties Host Food Truck Friday


Dunn Twiggar and Penncap Properties were the proud hosts of the first Food Truck Friday event at the 1560 Valley Center Parkway, Bethlehem, Lehigh Valley Academy Campus on June 26, 2015. The long lines proved that the corporate park employees were eager to sample the menus offered by Taza Truck, Bob B-Q, Pirate Cupcake and Kona Ice. Veronica Bocian, Marketing Coordinator for Dunn Twiggar, brought the food truck event concept to the board, who felt it was an ideal event for the Lehigh Valley Corporate Center.  The trucks sold out of food at 1:30pm and, given the successful turnout, there are hopes of future food truck events in partnership with the GLVMFA (Greater Lehigh Valley Mobile Food Alliance).

Photos Credits, Ashley West, Marketing Coordinator – PennCap Properties.

Andrew Twiggar (L) and Ryan Dunn ( R) partners of Dunn Twiggar

Veronica Bocian (L), Marketing  Coordinator Dunn Twiggar and Tina Honthy-Little (R ) Penncap Properties

Acutech Construction crew enjoys a lunch break from the Lehigh Valley Academy expansion project.